Heroes of Holloway

Lost and Found

Here's a little anecdote to showcase just how awesome the humans of Holloway (i.e. people who live around the Nag's Head area) can be. 

It all started during polling day for the general election back in early June. Although I'm from Canada, being a resident gave me the privilege to vote. I had my voter card in hand, ready to hit the polling station, but before I left decided to take a solo piece of identification just in case I had to prove I was me. This piece of ID I took with me just so happened to be my residents visa, which is the size of a credit card. 

This lets me live here

This lets me live here

I had the brilliant idea of putting this small card into the same pocket of my jacket that my phone was in. Some time during the 5 minutes it took me to walk to the polling station from my flat, I managed to lose the precious piece of plastic. I think what happened was that I took my phone out of my pocket, and the card fell out at that time without my noticing. I panicked momentarily, retraced my steps, still couldn't find it, then decided to at least try and get voting over with before doing a more thorough search. 

The kicker was that I didn't even need any forms of ID to vote, just my voter card with my number on it! Go figure. 

Anyways, after submitting my ballot, I retraced my steps once again, checking all the gutters, under piles of leaves, and even under cars. I ended up going back home to recheck all of my bags, in case I in fact didn't end up taking the permit out with me at all. I still couldn't find it, so went back outside yet again. This time I was met by a tearful woman who was also on a search, as this poor lady had just lost her engagement ring. We were both quite stressed in our independent searches, but agreed to keep a look out for each others items while we scoured the streets.

My mom and I walked back and forth throughout the only street I walked along to get to the polling station, but couldn't find the permit anywhere. I felt about ready to give up, or try tearing my room apart to look for it when I passed by this same woman again who was speaking with someone outside of a flat a few doors down from mine. She was so relieved as  this neighbourly person helped that lady retrace her steps and find her engagement ring just sitting on the ground! 

Soon after, this woman's fiancee came around, and without me even asking both offered to help me look up and down the streets again to find my residents permit. I was touched by the gesture, but still stressed out because I had already checked the streets several times by this point. After a few more laps around the streets and asking neighbourhood children and local establishments if they had seen it turned in, I was ready to throw in the towel and just check back home again. I told the engagement ring lady that I was going to check inside my flat again for the card, telling her my house number, and she said she'd finish walking down the street and would knock on my door if she found anything. 

Serene sunset down Holloway Road. All was well that evening at last.

Serene sunset down Holloway Road. All was well that evening at last.

Not 10 seconds after I got in and closed my door, I suddenly hear an excited knocking on my door. I answer, and sure enough, this engagement ring lady had found my resident permit!! It seemed like somebody had found it previously and thought they were being helpful by leaving it on the brick gate of a flat a few doors down. Since I was looking all over the ground for it, I probably walked by it many times. Thankfully this lady happened to find it, as it was left on the gate of the neighbour who helped her find her ring! 

It was such a blessing and relief for both of us. Despite the stress, it was a really cool experience to have fellow neighbours I'd never met before help out in a time of need. Holloway, you're the bomb!