Could you start a Church Community in a Costa?

At Nags Head for the last year we have had a blast growing weekday church in Costa. It’s fun, it’s messy, it’s surprising. But most significantly- this new model of church seems to work. For lots of us this is the first church we have ever been in.

So what’s next? We are a small community in a corner of Islington- but what would happen if there was a coffee shop community in every Costa in the UK? That is 2,121 new church communities! There are around 15 of us in our community at any time-  that would be 31,815 more people involved in Church communities!

Could you (or your church) start a Costa (or other coffee shop based) church community? It’s simpler than it might sound! If so we would love to help in whatever way we can! If you are at all interested in chatting further drop us a line!